Growing up in the petroleum business in various states across our nation, John learned firsthand the challenges our young people face in attending several different schools prior to graduation—he attended four different high schools due to the demands of his father’s career.  John was fortunate to attend college on an Air Force scholarship and graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 1974 and earned a master’s degree from Ball State University in 1979.  Upon retiring from the Air Force, he earned degrees at Bellevue University in Accounting and Computer Information Systems.

Commissioned in the Air Force in 1974, he served 22 years and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel and served as a navigator, public affairs officer, academic instructor, combat operations planner, and director of quality improvement.  He has served at various locations and assignments around the world to include being a volunteer with the Iranian Rescue Attempt in 1980 and appointed and served as Director of the Strategic Air Command Airborne Command Post (Looking Glass) in 1990.  He has deployed several times overseas.

Following the military service, John began his second career as an accountant at a national bank headquartered in Omaha, NE, and subsequently was asked to return to the military as a defense contractor where he supported command and control systems at U.S. Strategic Command.

Currently, he is serving on the State Board of Education, District 4, that includes North and South Omaha, Midtown Omaha, large sections of the cities of Papillion and Bellevue.  Prior the State Board, John served as a local school board member at the Educational Service Unit 3 for 14 years supporting 18 local school districts, 58,000 students, with education programs and technology services.

A noted author, his first book, “Saving Tres Rios,” was recently published and was a finalist in a recent national book award program.  The novel is about an Air Force Sergeant who retires and becomes a public school teacher and the many challenges he faces in and out of the classroom—it is considered an action thriller.

John has been residing in Papillion for over 25 years and is running for reelection to continue many of the state policies and programs he has initially started to include a new accountability system, career technical education, and early childhood development.  Most important of all, providing ALL of our young people the opportunities to learn and initiatives and work to close the achievement gap.  Overall, closing the achievement gap is paramount.