I am committed and accountable in providing the best educational support and opportunities available to our young people through the Educational Service Unit 3. With 20 years of experience on local and state boards in Nebraska, we are moving forward in creating innovative support systems and mechanisms to provide all our students access to learning opportunities.  With the recent Covid 19 challenges facing our educational institutions, we will ensure a robust and rigorous continuation of student learning by all means available to include distance learning.   Providing state-of-the-art professional development and training for teachers and administrators in the use of leading classes vis the internet.  Supporting cooperative initiatives with the goal of ensuring local successes are shared with all school districts supported by ESU3.  Facilitate partnerships the local communities to support and sponsor student access to Career Technical Education, and top quality Early Childhood Development programs. All leads to closing the educational achievement gap experienced by many of our young people and providing ALL students a first-class education. There is no rest until the achievement gap is closed. As a positive statement we used in the military, “We are moving forward.”

John Witzel