Moving Forward

Accountability Systems

Accountability for a Quality Education System, Today and Tomorrow (AQuEST).  Instrumental in creating AQuEST that goes beyond what is required by the Nebraska statute for an education accountability system.  Considers a more broad educational experience and success for ALL students with a primary goal of closing the achievement gap.  School’s performance will no longer be base primarily on Nebraska Student Assessment tests, but many other factors that contribute to our young people’s journey through their school years.

Early Childhood Development

Continually work with the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) and our many valuable stakeholders in providing guidance and certifications for Nebraska schools and centers that care for our young people.  With the emphasis on quality schools, quality teachers/administrators, and quality professional development, the investment in Early Childhood Development will pay big dividends for Nebraska’s future.

Career Technical Education

Lead the State Board’s Career Technical Education study committee that resulted in numerous initiatives and changes that helped ALL students in Nebraska has the opportunity to participate and receive valuable technical skills while attending school.  The outcome was a huge success with more Nebraska businesses gaining qualified, technical employees and the graduating students earning high wages plus higher graduation—everyone wins.


Actively supporting Nebraska’s numerous mentoring programs that assist our youth who lack role models and are challenged by poverty, crime, and single-parent households, to name a few of the social issues our young people face daily.  Mentoring has proven to result in an improved self-esteem, academic performance, and community relationships resulting in closing the achievement gap.

Repeal No Child Left Behind

REPEAL No Child Left Behind!  Currently, schools spend an enormous amount of time, energy and money attempting to address federal government regulatory measures that hinder and attempt to control local school districts.  Current federal accountability standards should be replaced with state and local measures for school accountability.

Parental and Community Involvement

Working with various community organizations, churches, schools and all who have a stake and vested interest in our young people’s future, we are striving to provide parents, guardians, and the community the tools and knowledge necessary to encourage student success for the future. Also, I support many of our school partners that include, for example the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Latino Center of the Midland, to name a few, in providing school programs allowing students the opportunity to have a safe and organized place to play sports, interact with others, and provide tutors for homework sessions.

Strategic Plan to Close Achievement Gap

Consulting and working with community organizations and leaders to facilitate a process resulting in a shared vision regarding methods to close the educational achievement gap with equity and inclusion for ALL Nebraska school children.